Horze Edie Women’s Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Horze Edie Women's Long Sleeve Bodysuit
The Horze Edie Bodysuit features long sleeves, a white collar and snap closure buttons at the crotch. The snap closure is placed high, so you don’t need to worry about it bothering you when sitting in the saddle. Made from fabric that is both breathable and moisture wicking, you will stay cool and collected in the saddle, helping you to maintain concentration.

Choice of BLUE, ROSE, or WHITE.

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Horze Brittany Women’s Shirt

Horze Brittany Women's Shirt
This soft shirt is breathable and quick drying, the perfect first layer under your favorite jacket. Built-in mesh panels in the arms and back to give excellent air flow and maintain an optimum body temperature. This is the ideal item to wear for training, casual wear or riding. Open or close the front zip according to weather. Long arms are a must-have in the winter for warmth and comfort. This versatile shirt is a winter wardrobe must-have!

Choice of BLACK or BLUE.

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