Irish Setter Women’s VaprTrek 8-inch Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 gram

Irish Setter Women's VaprTrek 8-inch Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 gram
Introducing Irish Setter®’s newest lightest Hunting Boot. VaprTrek Boots weigh just 16 ounces apiece, but pack in all the hunt-friendly features you need to stay out longer. The secret is the Rubber-RPMTM composite outsole, a strong synthetic material that helps reduce weight without sacrificing an inch of durability or traction—so they feel more like athletic shoes, while still providing the impressive grip of a hiker.

VaprTrek Hunting Boots incorporate UltraDryTM waterproofing, so your feet stay dry and Boots stay breathable. Plus effective 400-gram PrimaLoft® insulation for warmth that sticks. You’ll laugh at the cold, and scoff at the wet. And thanks to a combination of polyurethane foam insole and energy-returning misdole, the VaprTrek keeps fatigue at through long days on your feet. With VaprTrek Boots on your feet, you’ll have everything you need to pound through muddy scrubland and snowy timber with confidence.

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